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The Secret to The Unlimited Child™ is an audio CD program designed to facilitate the development of a positive internal belief system in children. Life Mastery Unlimited utilizes one of the most effective, proven, positive reinforcement techniques known today: affirmations.

Nearly 400 carefully written, powerful affirming statements are synergistically combined with beautifully composed 60 beat-per-minute music and utilized throughout this program. The lovely affirmations, spoken in a gentle woman's voice, are quietly audible for the first portion of each CD, and then the same affirmations are repeated just under audible level, so what the listener consciously hears is the soothing baroque music (60 beat, 4/4 time). This design is intentional; the last thing the child hears as they relax and drift off to sleep are several positive messages phrased in the first person, followed by music that is believed to enhance and influence learning. "I love and accept myself just as I am..."

As you explore our site, you will see many examples of the affirmations used in this program. To hear a sample of the program affirmations and music, visit this page.

Top psychologists agree that we are a product of our environment. The Secret to The Unlimited Child™ promotes a positive environment with exceptional key elements that become a natural part of the inner belief system. It is these attitudes and values that become the foundations for living a successful, happy and truly extraordinary life. "I am an unlimited being…"

What's In the Box?
(indepth description of the contents of one CD library)

  • 6 CDs
  • Affirmations Guide
  • Parents Guide
  • Parents Workbook

There are nearly 400 powerful affirmations contained within the music, as well as in the printed guide.

Five CDs make up the Evening Listening which contain over 30 minutes of beautiful music and affirmations recorded just under audible level.

The sixth CD, entitled Hour of Power, has 16 upbeat songs for uplifting daytime use.


Affirmations are positive short suggestions or statements that describe and inspire a desired result. To read and hear some examples of the affirmations used in this audio program, please visit this page. You will see many other examples of the affirmations as you explore our site.

To read an ever-evolving article about the history, use and pure power of affirmations, please visit this page.

The Secret to
YOUR Unlimited Child

  • Focus
  • Perserverance
  • Self-Love
  • Kindness
  • Patience
  • Respectfulness
  • Success
  • Motivation
  • Happiness
  • Morals and Ethics

60-Beat-per-Minute Music

As first discovered by Dr. Georgi Lozanov, this music beat opens a doorway for the mind to absorb any content exposed to it through the senses. It is commonly used in audio programs designed to teach languages in an accelerated manner, as it is believed to enhance comprehension and retention.

Dr. Lozanov found that the baroque music affects the emotional centers of the brain as well as the heart and breathing. Through our own studies and experience, we have come to believe that the use of sixty-beat-per-minute music will increase the effectiveness of the affirmations in this program.

To hear a sample of this music and our program, please visit this page and click on the player.


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